bank_img Interchange fees are paid to the issuing bank. These rates are published and cannot be altered by a processor. They are typically from 1.6% - 2.6%.  

VISA, MasterCard, Discover

all_cards The credit card companies charge Assessment Fees which are much lower than the bank and are currently around .15%. They are also published and cannot be altered by the processor.  

The Processor

the_processor_img Mark up fees are charged by the processor and their sales agents. These are the only fees that can be negotiated. These are the fees we cut in half!

The Two Industry Pricing Models

1.Interchange Pricing
Interchange Pricing is the least often used model because it is FULLY TRANSPARENT. You can tell exactly what mark up you are being charged and it is the only model we use here at CardTransparency.
price_bucket Tiered Pricing mid-qual and non-qual rate buckets.
2.Tiered Pricing
Tiered Pricing uses rate buckets typically called qual, mid-qual and non-qual. This is the most prevalent model because it is extremely difficult to understand. If you see "qual" anywhere on your statement you likely have this model.