E-Commerce Gateways

We offer state of the art E-Commerce Gateways from First Data and !

Merchant Advances

Do you need urgent merchant advances so that you can expand your business operations? Card Transparency offers transparent and flexible working capital for startups, based on your credit card volume not your credit score!

Free On-line Reporting

We provide powerful free on-line reporting tools with every new account!

Credit Card Terminals

Card Transparency brings to you a wide range of flexible and reliable credit card terminals. We offer terminals that are based on the latest, most advanced technology.

Wireless Terminals

Now, run your business from anywhere and accept payments on the go with exclusive wireless terminals offered by Card Transparency.

Virtual Terminals

Want to enter your credit card transactions through your computer?  We provide FREE Virtual Terminal software for every new account!

Point of Sale Systems

We offer and support POS systems that are powerful and simple to use.

iPad Point of Sale Systems

Consider the latest technology, iPad based point of sales systems. These systems say your business is in the 21st century, offer unmatched flexibility and open up ways of doing business previously not possible.