Our Proposal

Simple 4 Step Process


1. Email or fax (718.889.2539) us a recent Merchant Processing statement.


2.  We will Audit your statement showing you exactly how much you will save in every category. FULLY TRANSPARENT, so you understand exactly how much you pay.


3.  You acknowledge receipt of our email or fax.  We will never call you unless you ask. Never any sales pressure. We believe our FULLY TRANSPARENT pricing speaks for itself.


4. If you want to start enjoying these savings, we will provide you a FREE credit card terminal pre-programmed for your account.  All you need to do is plug it in and begin saving money!




If you use an advanced solution like a Point of Sales system, Wireless Technology Solution or a Virtual Terminal we will assist you with simple instructions to re-program to your new account.


That’s It!      Fully Transparent Savings!      Great Support !      No Sales Pressure!       Guaranteed!