About us

Card Transparency is a unique Credit Card Processing company. We stand out in two important ways:

1. We believe in Full Transparency

2. We offer Unique pricing (we aim to cut your processing markup fees by up to 50%)



Have you looked at your Merchant Statement lately? You may need a PhD to understand it.  It is very difficult to understand exactly what you are paying for. The industry has two pricing models; Interchange Plus and Tiered Pricing.


Interchange Plus

Interchange is a term used to describe the bank fee and the credit card supplier fee. Every card has a bank or funding source. They receive the lion share of the interchange fee but these rates are regulated and published online. They are not negotiable. The “plus” is what the Credit Card Processor and their sales agents charge.


Tiered Pricing

These Merchant Processing markup rates are negotiable. These are the rates that we fight to keep low for you. Our corporate goal is to cut yours in half.


Audit your Current Supplier!

Have you ever refinanced a mortgage? Of  course you have. If interest rates drop why would you pay a higher rate if you could pay a lower rate?


So why not Audit one of your business’ highest expenses?  Cutting your credit card fees adds profit directly to the top line.


Send us a statement and we will Audit your statement for free and provide you as simple non-binding quote on how much we would save you. We will not call you unless you ask us to. We believe saving money and full transparency speak for themselves.


So send us your statement and see how much you will save. You will be very surprised!!